About me

Since I know there's people who would like to get 'easy access' to basic facts about me, I created this page.

Who? - Diva who studies archaeology, works at a nightclub and as a waitress at the Music house of Helsinki, owns the most beautiful& best horse ever, is afraid of sharks and wants to experience as much as possible...and loves to party!

Where? - Finland, Helsinki(thou, easily spotted in Sipoo& Espoo, if found from Vantaa...-worry)

Works?- Currently at nightclub Fennia and as a waitress in Music house and for Live Nation.

Age? - Guess...

Hair? - Blond, Brigitte Bardot like- haircut

Height?- While in heels? Too little, without heels practically nothing. Only 161cm or so...

Weight? - About this I need not to worry anymore, since Edel can carry me easily even if I gain weight as much as I weight right now.

Hobbies(other than horses)?- Mostly none, but yes I collect My Little Ponies, watch movies&read books, do some film&acting stuff randomly...I used to swim in a team,do classical solo singing, participated an art group, had Elixia membership(mostly dancing lessons(cabarée&strip) or pilates). Horses is what I love and which now eats up about all my free time, sometimes I feel that I'd like to do something else too, but really, riding is all that matters to me.

Single? - Not sure anymore

Education?- Currently studying at University of Helsinki, majoring in archaelogy also studying filmstudies, art history, North American studies

Work? Nightclub Fennia, Live Nation, Musichouse...all around waitering etc

Happy to answers some more questions, those above are just random things I thought people would like know about me, so ask away! =)

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